Istanbul Art Show Takes Place at
Hilton Istanbul Convention & Exhibition Center Between
20-22 December 2019

The theme of the Istanbul Art Show 2019: ‘Reality Suspended: 'Art in the Era of Post-Truth’, focus country Iran.

Could art be a new guide at the time when the truth is completely trivialized? How will the ambiguity of the period, transforming objects and phenomena to meaningless, affect art? How will the art movements of the new era be shaped?

What does it means of Turkey for the one of the world's oldest civilizations and art captials Iran, Iran for Turkey? Within the framework of similarities, differences and collaborations, Iranian and Turkish artists and art lovers come together at the Istanbul Art Show.

About Show

In December of each year, Istanbul Art Show is a wide platform and transparent art market that brings together the national and international leading galleries within the framework of the theme and the focal country it has chosen for that year by art talks, conferences, exhibitions, performances and cocktails, meet all the actors of the art world, the latest developments, transformations and predictions of the art universe are open to discussion for four days.

Selection Board

- Lili Golestan / Iran - Curator, Founder of Golestan Gallery, President of the
Association of Iranian Galleries
- Marc Ottavi / France - Art Expert
- Dr. Fırat Arapoğlu / Turkey – President of AICA
(International Association of Art Critics) Turkey
- Dr. Kumru Eren / Turkey – Director of Şekerbank Açıkekran
New Media Art Gallery
- Hanefi Yeter / Turkey - Artist

Advisory Board

Prof. Devrim Erbil
Prof. Dr. Emre Alkin
Prof. Dr. Ahmet Kasım Han
Prof. Dr. Aylin Seçkin
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ece Ceylan Baba
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hikmet Şahin
Dr. Fatoş Altınbaş


“Reality Suspended: Art in the Era of Post-truth”

Post-truth, the latest concept of the postmodern world, means that emotions and personal beliefs are more effective than objective phenomena in forming public opinion. In the post-truth era, with the exclusion of objective data, an irrational universe that is compatible with beliefs and prejudices is produced, rather than producing judgments consistent with reality. It completely swallows the real world in this new "truth" construction, in which it does not refer to anything other than itself, without even deigning to imitate the reality by completely disconnecting the fake from reality. Intellectual mental activities are replaced by irrational and emotional provocative practices. All over the world, the resentful, harsh and anti-elitist masses, who feel themselves subjected to the injustices of modernism, unite in an organic way with the opinion leaders who aim to glorify, praise, protect and protect themselves for the first time, rebelling against the rational attitude of modernism based on the objective reality, constructing a proper perception of truth. One of the biggest transformations in history is a giant break in which five hundred years of parenthesis is closed is occured in art aside from the fields of economy, politics and culture. This year, the Istanbul Art Show draws attention to how the post-truth era will transform art, and discusses the role of art and the artist in a world where truth is suspended.


Hilton Istanbul hosts successful and unforgettable events at its location in the heart of Istanbul. Fair ground connected to the hotel can be reached via walk path. It has 2 doors and can hold more then 3000 people, and 1480 sqm floor space for main exhibitions, conferences, fairs, award ceremonies, premier dinners and production promotions. First floor can be divided in three sections which has more than 1475 sqm. Second floor is 1344 sqm and at open (no columns) with an exhibit area. Air Conditioning, background music, stereo systems, microphone, amplification, stage equipment, banquet/conference furniture, carpet flooring, easy Access to both floors, an elevator with a capacity of 5000 kgs, spot lightings, TV screens and projectors, projection rooms, LCD projectors, piping void grid systems, telephone, translating rooms and projection room equipment are other benefits of this fair ground.

Transportation to the Fair


Public transportation vehicles provide direct access to the Harbiye from many central locations such as Taksim, Eminönü and Mecidiyeköy. Harbiye bus stop is about 5 minutes walk from Hilton Istanbul Convention & Exhibition Center.



Press Room


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